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Signature Culinary Solutions offers a comprehensive nutritional labeling and regulation service called Nutrifacts®. From initial consultation to implementing operative solutions, let Nutrifacts® protect your brand while maintaining your customers’ satisfaction.

Are you Ready?

As the Making Healthy Choices Act (legislation governing multi-unit restaurant menus) comes into effect January 2017, your business will be required to meet legislative demands that the nutritional information be provided for all menu items, coupled with a new allergen declaration requirement for airlines flying to the USA.

How to Prepare Your Business

Nutrifacts® offers a comprehensive consultancy package designed to educate and enable food producers in meeting safety requirements.  Alternative to expensive lab testing, Nutrifacts®utilizes a high-precision software to provide a full nutritional analysis and allergen identifications; translations for bilingual labeling are included. These services are conducted in partnership with Dale & Lessmann LLP., who will additionally audit the process to advise on legal compliance requirements under this new legislation.

How to Deal with Non-Compliances

Nutrifacts® works closely with each client to provide practical solutions for any non-compliances, ensuring full client transparency and understanding of safety regulations and the auditing process. With decades of combined experience in recipe development, ingredient sourcing, menu engineering, food cost analysis, manufacturing and more, we offer breadth of additional services to ensure your product complies with new legislation and continues to drive profit.

Communicate with Customers

Let your customers know that you have taken the proper procedures to ensure your products are safe for consumption. Nutrifacts® offers unique allergen stickers (which transcend all languages), making anyone aware of what they represent and encouraging purchase from cautious buyers.