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Sensory Testing & Evaluation

As a part of our Product Research & Development process or as a service on its own, Signature Culinary Solutions actively tests and measures consumer responses through Sensory Evaluation; analyzing the product(s) appearance, touch, odour, texture, temperature and taste.

Through this quantitative and qualitative research in a controlled environment, we are able maximize the value of our client’s investment by identifying and adapting to consumer-responses quickly, making informed decisions prior to market penetration.

Understanding that the time to market is critical, our Project Management team will liaise with our professionally trained Sensory experts and project managers to ensure the timeline moves according to schedule.

Our Sensory testing room is equipped with multiple styles of lighting and cameras, recording and broadcasting in real-time to our viewing room or directly into your boardroom.

Conducted in formal focus group panels, Sensory Evaluation will cover the following three (3) areas of product testing:

Sensory Evaluation can be used to:

Signature Culinary Solutions offers practical solutions to these results, with comprehensive consultancy packages available and over 20 years of food and beverage experience, menu conceptualization, recipe development and industry knowledge.